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Calisthenics is my passion and Seaview Calisthenics College has certainly provided me with much pleasure

for over 50 years.                                     

I joined Seaview as a student when Audrey Parsons opened the club and after many happy years under her guidance I became the Principal Coach and continue to maintain this role.

I have coached girls of all ages and have experienced great loyalty from students and parents. Dawn Petersen was our pianist for over 35 years and was a wonderful support to me and the College. Seaview Calisthenics College has a very productive committee and I am extremely grateful for their support. Girls -  Remain true to your coach, loyal to your efforts and club and you will grow to be a champion.

From the HEART - “GO SEAVIEW” , Gail Lange.


I have been involved in calisthenics for 50 years, participating at six clubs over this time and assisting with administration of the sport at local club and state association level. Some wonderful coaches helped me to develop a love of the sport. I have great memories of trips away and performances in Australia and even

overseas. Friends that I made in my calisthenics teams are still friends today. Calisthenics was the one recreational activity that I never gave up through years of shift work and other responsibilities.

After many years as a member of Senior teams and assisting coaches with their classes in younger age groups, my work and other commitments abated and I was at last able to commence my formal coaching career, completing all the courses, tests and exams required to become an accredited coach.

I have enjoyed coaching Tinies, Intermediate and Seniors to success at State Championships in team, duo and solo items. It is a privilege to teach and guide these children and young ladies and see them grow in skills and confidence. I am also one of the founding members of Seaview's Masters Team where we have lots of laughs and keep up our Cali talents.



I started Calisthenics at the age of 6 at Kidman Park and changed to Seaview a year later when the club closed down. I have been at Seaview since, 38 years, only taking time off from the club to have my son. I officially returned to coaching in 2015. I have previously taught all age sections and have assisted many other coaches at the club. I am passionate about my Calisthenics and enjoy all levels of competition.

In 2006, I represent the State in the Senior A Grade team and had the best year of my “Cali” life. I am currently the President of Seaview Calisthenics and have held this position for the past 8 years.  




I started my journey with Seaview in 2019 as Co Coach of the Senior Team. I have been behind the scenes of late taking time to watch my daughter in her Cali life. This year I have been appointed as the Head Coach and look forward to the year ahead. 

Miss Jennie F  Life Member Seaview / Associate Member CASA

I started physical culture (as it was then called) at an early age with Seaview Physical Culture Club, with Audrey Parsons, (a local Henley girl) as the teacher. I went through all age groups until Intermediates and then joined the Audrey Parsons School of Dancing in Adelaide. I retired as a pupil soon after my marriage to Graham. At 16 years of age, I started my own club at Enfield, Jenicia physical culture school and taught there for 14 years before progressing into Adjudicating. Whilst coaching I trained the State Junior Championship team for three years  and won the aggregate for those years at Royal South Street competitions in Ballarat. I am currently a Level 2 Maintenance Adjudicator.

Executive Committe Members:

Principal Coach - Gail 

President - Renee

Vice President - Angella

Secretary - Cheryl / Renee

Treasurer - Renee

Fundraising - Sage / Kim

Newsletters - All

Member Protection Officer - Renee